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Frequenti repetitione fit consuetudo

"By frequent repetition, habit is formed"

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The tabletop exercise serves as a powerful tool to identify any weaknesses or gaps in an organization’s response capabilities. By pinpointing these areas, the organization can then develop and implement targeted solutions to enhance preparedness and response. This proactive approach helps ensure that the organization is equipped to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an actual crisis or emergency, ultimately minimizing damage and disruption to operations, reputation, and stakeholder trust.

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Average data breach cost
0 M
Savings with tested IR plans
0 M
of attacks are ransomware
0 %
Linux ransomware spike
0 %

source: IBM “Cost of a data breach 2022.”; IBM “X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2022.” 

Training & Services

We provide custom-designed tabletop exercises at both the technical and executive levels, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and circumstances of your industry and organization.

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IR Security Staff TTXs

An Incident Response (IR) security staff tabletop exercise simulates scenarios to improve incident response protocols, identify resource gaps, and enhance cybersecurity readiness. It assesses the effectiveness of response plans, process guides, and playbooks used by organizations for cybersecurity incidents.

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Executive TTXs

Assess your organization's crisis management and decision-making capabilities at the executive level. Bring together senior executives and decision-makers to manage a simulated crisis that could potentially impact your organization's reputation, operations, or financial stability.

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Documentation Services

Having proper documentation that adheres to industry standards is paramount in effectively addressing security incidents. Our expert team offers services to assess and enhance your existing documentation or develop new documentation that caters to your unique requirements.

Popular Exercises

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Ransomware Attacks

Prepare for the worst-case scenario by practicing your response to high-stakes ransomware attacks in a controlled, low-stress environment.

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Insider Threats

Experience scenarios such as employees stealing sensitive data or engaging in malicious activities, as well as accidental disclosures or security breaches resulting from human error.

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Supply Chain Attacks

Practice how to quickly identify and respond to a supply chain attack, including steps such as notifying vendors and customers, containing the attack, and restoring normal operations.

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