SDF Training Series

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SDF: Zero-Day Response

Tactical Approaches for Zero-Day Response in Security Operations

SDF: Persistence Fast Triage

Practical Strategies for Security Incident Response

SDF: Pivot Tables for Forensics

Learn Pivot Tables for Investigations

SDF: Weblog Forensics

Learn weblog forensics

SDF: Shimcache Forensics

Learn how an analyze Windows Shimcache evidence

SDF: Memory Forensics 2

Learn Windows memory forensics

SDF: Memory Forensics 1

Learn Windows memory forensics

SDF: Link Files

A computer forensic guide for understanding LINK file evidence on Windows computer systems

SDF: RAM Extraction Fundamentals

Learn how to apply RAM extraction basics and get hands on experience using RAM capture tools - including Inception

SDF: Windows Shellbags

Computer forensic evidence to help prove file use & knowledge

SDF: Imaging a Mac Fusion Drive

Helping you sharpen your computer forensic skills

SDF: Windows Prefetch Forensics

Learn how an analyze Windows prefetch evidence

SDF: Understanding OS X Time Stamps

Build core computer forensic skills and learn how to interpret & validate Mac OS X dates & times

SDF: Resolving Attached USBs

A forensic guide for linking USB activity to Windows computer systems